African Treehouse

"African Treehouse" is an ongoing project to bring African music to kids around the world. It's the brainchild of the SAMA (South African Music Award) winning team of Graeme Sacks and Erika Strydom.  

The two have been composing and producing music together for over fifteen years. Graeme & Erika have written and recorded music for theatre projects, a number of South African artists, a series Afrikaans "Goggatjie" children’s CDs (3 of which received SAMA nominations), and many radio and television commercials. Both are freelance guitarists and guitar teachers.

Top South African musicians are featured on the albums including: Relebogile "Lebo" Mabotja, Concord Nkabinde and Kelly Petlane.

You can find Graeme and Erika's other projects here: